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About Rangnirman

We are a group of professional people associated with each other and work severally in various places and projects. We have two major companies namely

  • Brahmaputra Trade Trance and Engeening India Limited (BTTEIL), a public limited company registered office at Kamalabari, Duliajan, Assam and
  • Dee and A Solutions Pvt Limited, a private limited company registered office at G. S. Road, Guwahati, Assam.
Apart from these, we also have three Partnership Firms
  • B. K. Construction
  • Bohniman
  • Rang Nirman
All these firm has its head office at Dibrugarh, Assam.

Both the public limited company and private limited company mentioned above are registered under the Companies act 1956 at Registrars of Company Shillong. The firms mentioned above are registered under the concern authorities of Dibrugarh, Assam.

rangnirman rangnirman

Our Experince in this field

Our public limited company Brahmaputra Trade Trance and Engeening India Limited (BTTEIL) is generally known for doing the contractual work at Oil india Limited, Duliajan and Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh. Our private limited company Dee and A Solutions Pvt Limited generally do the contract of Assam Government, however it has completed it’s first private work of constructing an Apartment Building Project at core of Chowkidingee, Dibrugarh named as “Kabyashree Paradise” which was formerly known as Mehboob Automobile Garage.

Our Firm M/S B. K. Construction has completed its two project successfully at Dibrugarh named (i) B. K. Alakananda, at Santipara, Dibrugarh and (ii) B. K. Gakuldham, at ChiringChapari, Dibrugarh. Two project is going to start in Santipara area, one is at Santipara and other is at P.N. Road, Dibrugarh by this Firm.

Our Firm M/S BOHNIMAN has doing its first project at Udaipur Dibrugarh named as “Amarabati” and it is about to complete. Another three Project is going to start at Dibrugarh (i) Chiring Chapari in front of Thana Gali, (II) Chiring Chapari near Bihu Field and (iii) Mancotta Road, near overbridge. Papers work of these three projects are in process.

Our Firm M/S Rang Nirman has doing its Second project at Naliapool, A. T. Road, Dibrugarh named as “Navyah Palace” , it has already completed its first Project at Running Gate named as MAHABAHU in front of L.F.S. which is owned by itself. It has started its MEGA PROJECT at Duliajan which will be the First project in Upper Assam prevailing all executive class amenities. (swimming poll, Gym, club house, play house, sauna bath, steam bath, badminton court, walking track, children park, cinema hall, first aid room, banquet hall with kitchen, servant quarter, guest quarter, etc. etc.)

Our Financial Structure

Our all Firms and Companies have no any financial liabilities till date, we completed all the projects at our own finance, no any bank loan or any other types of loan is taken by our company or firm. The estimated project cost (approx) of our on going project as well as completed project are as follows –

  • B. K. Alakananda by B.K. Construction -- Rs. 6,00,00,000/- (Six Core) only completed in 2013
  • B.K. Gakuldhamby B.K. Construction – Rs. 8,00,00,000/- (Eight Core) only completed in 2020
  • Up comingNew Project at Banshbari Santipara by B.K. Construction – Rs. 9,50,00,000/- (Nine Core Fifty Lakhs) only
  • Up comingNew Project at P. N. Road by B.K. Construction – Rs. 12,50,00,000/- (Twelve Core Fifty Lakhs) only
  • KabyashreeParadize by Dee and A Solutions – Rs. 14,00,00,000/-
  • On going project AMARABATI by M/S BOHNIMAN - Rs. 6.5Core
  • Up coming project at Chiring Chapari in front of Thana Gali by M/S BOHNIMAN Rs. 5.5 Core
  • Up coming project at Chiring Chapari near Bihu Field by M/S BOHNIMAN Rs. 6.00 Core
  • Up coming project at Mancotta Road, near overbridge by M/S BOHNIMAN Rs. 15.5 Core
  • Copleted project at Running Gate by M/S Rang Nirman Rs. 4.5 Core
  • On goingProjet at Naliapool by M/S Rang Nirman Rs. 12.5 Core
  • Up coming Project at Kumarinisiga by M/S Rang Nirman Rs. 13.5 Core
  • Up coming Project at Jiban Phukan Nagar by M/S Rang Nirman Rs. 13.00 Core
  • On going project at Jaya Nagar Duliyajan , by M/S Rang Nirman Rs. 35.00 Core

If you calculate completed + On going + Up coming projects then you can get an idea of our financial Structure.

Generally we follow the rules of Structure Engineer, Architect Engineer and Municipalities concern Engineers at the time of construction of our work, if it is possible then we will construct it in two parts or without touching the First Part of the Existing Building. We will confirm you after getting the Survey Map and Trace Map of Your Plot

We can provide you a financial support of Rs. 10 to 12 thousand per month, during the construction period.

rangnirman rangnirman rangnirman